London underground and corporate identity

The london underground is the name given to the railway system,
As the name implies, this involved digging a deep hole to house the underground tracks, and then covering over the tunnel. but despite its name about 55% of the work in above ground.

London underground known as the first railway underground in th world.according to the transport of London the fist section of London underground was opened in 1863 which contains the circle,hammersmith & city and metropolitan lines used by us today.

The London Underground has 276 stations and runs over 243 miles of line making it the longest underground railway in the world, and one of the most served in terms of stations.

The typeface of the underground system was first designed by Edward Johnston Febuary 6th 1916 Johnston until it was redesigned in 1980s, and the first diagrammatic map of the Underground was designed by harry beck in 1931.

                                           And today this sign still remains the same

Moving to the discussion about the London underground maps , the picture below is the map made in 1906

                           1923 metropolitan railway and connections map poster

poster maps issued 1926, displaying the expanding network.which look’d                                 very confusing and messy.

                                 The first proper map was than introduced by harry beck

                                the picture below is the first underground design in 1932

                               they didn’t accept harry’s design at first as they thought its hard to read                                  but harry kept designing till he made a map that they where happy with                                  the final map had ore colors to specify the lines and was much easier to                           1933 the card folder was designed.

 The above map is still used today by everyone and the straight lines and little dots for the stations makes it much easier to read.he refused using curves and has used45degree angle lines instead which makes the map look much neater and makes it easier to read.


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