click click photography

The word photography comes from two Greek words: photo for” light” and graph for “drawing”, which describes it as drawing the light. a photograph is usually made by a light or X ray to record the picture of an object on a light surface.

in my oponion photographs and paintings are very simillar as they both capture a moment, while still the big difference in them is that a painting can be unreal and can show the painters imagination while a picture shows reality.

Today photography is known as fine art. photographs are in alot of exhibitions in most of the museums, prized by collectors, discussed by critics, and studied in art history courses.

Other than personal uses such as taking a picture of our baby’s first moves, our holiday, our friends and a lot of other momenst that pass on in our lives and a camera helps us take a look back at them, photography takes a very important part in our lives todays, such as newspapers,magazines,advertising, science and research’s and in a way in everyones daily jobs.

Photography is the joy of seeing things in different ways and looking threw each others eyes. if it wasn’t for photography we would have never known what we looked like as a kid, we could have never seen the view in most country’s, or see the changes in our loved ones lifes while they are away from us, we would have never been able to show earth from outer space or see the first man walk on the moon, the cure of many deseases would have never been found and we could have never looked back at the special moments in our lives that brought a smile to our face.


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